SHARE IT. LIKE IT. TELL EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE!!!!!! TEST N TUNE THIS FRIDAY!!!!! Clean up and prep has already started!!!!

A few things, please RACERS.....get those underbodies cleaned up!!! dirt lingers and then ends up on the track, so don't be "that guy" holding it up cause we had to clean your dirt!!!! So do us that please!!!!

Also we got HALF OFF hot drinks in the concessions!!! So we will keep you a bit warmer and we have a decent pile of wood so for l fire barrels ate going.

We also hear you on the day test n tunes like the weekends but many past attempts at it didn't work in favor of the track. If we do decide to do one, we will most certainly let everyone know.

Lastly, due to insurance liability, bike vs car races cannot happen. We would love to see them and we mean no disrespect but we just can't take the risk. We were unaware of it before but new policies now. If it changes then we are good but not at this time.





El Paso Motorplex 2016 Schedule

Attention Racers here is the El Paso Motorplex NHRA Drag Racing schedule for 2016.

El Paso Motorplex 2016 Schedule
Drag Racing
April 16th Bracket Race
May 14th Bracket Race and 15th two day Bracket Race
June 4th Bracket Race
June 25th Bracket Race
July 9th Bracket Race/ Southwest Superchargers
August 6th Bracket Race/ R.O.D.S. / Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge
August 27th Bracket Race/ Southwest Superchargers
September 10th National Dragster Challenge
September 24th Bracket Race
October 22nd and 23rd Two Day Race Bracket Race
November 12th Bracket Race/ King of the Track




Here are the final points standings for the 2015 season. We would like to thank all of the racers and spectators for supporting El Paso Motorplex this year! I personally would also like to say thanks to the Motorplex crew for a for doing a great job this entire year.
Congratulations to all the winners!!

Top Eliminator
5908 Lyle Byrum 497
400 Joe Navar 364

Super Pro
4093 Danny Dean 1187
P545 Ben Flanagan 1167
4163 Billy Graham 921
4114 Randy "R" Hancock 814
4743 Tony Lewis 751
4269 Jerry Cordero 630
PX26 DJ Jefferson 630
4104 RJ Torres 607
7128 Hope Hernandez 581
4222 Johnathan Graham 352

M4467 Orlando Baca Jr 1157
7286 RM Lloyd 1101
4617 Brittny Blakely 1096
4467 David Hartranft 1095
4513 James McCall 1061
PX23 Andre Jefferson 972
PX69 David Nowell 982
105 Alex Anguiano 921
727 Andy Wiles 691
MX72 Bob Nichols 676
4023 Zach Torres 520
BR367 May Lazoya 451
4454 Raul Avalos 420
269 Eddie Cordero 400
4113 Randy Hancock Sr. 391
104 Fernie Moreno 360
4368 Fransisco Amador 352
4473 RJ Torres 100

405 Juan Romero 1214
8 Mike McIntyre 1195
123 Rick Paul Petersen 960
9 Laura McIntyre 860
37 Ben Golgart 775
4888 Ron Comeau 682
PX13 Steven Reilly 652
4x92 Ira Flores 600
1999 Dominic Flores 300
13 Jimmy Wyatt 300

8 Mike McIntyre 1065
125 Chrystal Anguiano 945
4236 Mariano Azarte 753

Jr. Dragster
287 Kyrie Murdaugh 699
169 Danny Zarate 506

TnT Event Details

You can come and test your cars, trucks and motorcycles on a clean and safe controlled environment. We have on site consessions and you can bring your coolers but No Glass Bottles!


Payment required - $20 To Race your Car $5 Spectators and kids 12 and under always get in FREE! Military Discounts are given with any current Military ID.



Friday Night Test and Tune 7-11 (track Prep)

Track Manager Paul Kaiser .


Race Director Ben De La Vega .....915-588-5490



Additional information